Monday, October 28, 2013



So all of my my brothers and sisters and their families got together this summer and it was great fun.
This is me at the family pictures on Old Main Hill

This is my parents and brothers and sisters. They look pretty normal right? Just wait...
My Mom worked so hard to make it good. Paul is not real big into big crowds.

I got to have my birthday party while everyone was here. It was great fun.

NOW THIS IS WHERE IT GETS A LITTLE STRANGE. You decided if my family is okay.

Almost everyone decided to bridge jump, this is Christopher jumping from the top. He did a flip.  When he was in high school he jumped from here every month of the year. So did Rebecca. That might explain some of it.

He is supposed to be very smart?

Then all the little kids started doing it. This is Ava

This is Owen

 My Mom. It might be inherited.


Mom and others

Beautiful Sophie

My Dad, has anyone seen him downstream since then?

 I worry about my family at times.

 Do you think there are enough of us? I have eighteen nephews and nieces all 10 yrs old or under.

 Mikey got his Dad's dancing skills.

 Thank heavens I have lots of beautiful nieces, here are just a three of them.

 We had a talent show. Paul and I contributed with a Granny Dance.

Of all the talent shows I have seen or heard of this was one of them, barely.

This is my sister Cathrine and my brother Brian.  He is a professor of vocational rehabilitation at the University of Wisconsin.  They think he is really smart but I think he might be a client.

Don't ask me, it was Mom's idea

But a good time was had by all.  Boy did we have fun.  


I had a very busy summer.  I love to spend time with my family, including extended family.  All of my brothers and sisters were here this summer and we had a Nelson Family reunion in Arizona and a Phillips Family reunion, both with his Uncles and Aunts and cousins as well.  He loves family.

 This is some of Uncle Rick's family

This is some of Uncle Kevin's family

This is a dog pile fight

This was Uncle Wayne's family. They were in charge and did a great job and cooked a great dinner.

This is some of Uncle Clynn's family

This is some Uncle Mike's family

These are Aunt Myrna's sons.  It's been a long time since I had seen them all.  It was my favorite part
This is my family except for JoAnna, Chad and their girls.

Patrick and his family traveled to St. George for his nephew's Michael's baptism. He had three nephews and a niece baptized this summer. 

I don't have pictures of the Nelson family reunion in Flagstaff, AZ but I will get some.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

In September my sister Cathrine ran a whole marathon. She has done a lot of them, including the one in Boston.   She was less than a mile away from the finish line when the bomb went off in Boston.  Here she is running the Top of Utah one. Me and Dad went and watched her.  It was fun.

Isn't she one pretty girl?

She didn't feel so good for a little while after she finished.

We had to walk a mile from our parking to see my sister run the marathon.  It was hard for me and my Dad. I think we might drink too much soda.  On our way we walked by the temple.  I want to get married there some day but my family tells me I need to start going to church, be baptized and find a woman.  Maybe I'll wait a bit.

Our town has an annual Pumpkin Walk; it's really cool.  They have several acres decorated with pumpkin and pumpkin scenes. My favorite was the Princess Bride one but I forgot to get a picture.  Here are some with me and some of my family at the North Logan Pumpkin Walk:

I am Yoda...

My nephew Isaac. These are made of pumpkins and squash.

My silly nephew Owen as Yoda

My pretty niece Ava riding the train.

Here is part of the M.A.S.H. display.  It even had Radar.

Me the Super Hero and my Dad's dog Amy. Amy loves me very much.

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I have a lot of masks and scary things.  Somebody in the store thought I was Sam Smith?


So our Dad hasn't kept this updated like he should so you have missed a lot about our exciting lives.  First here is Paul's news and then we will do Patrick's.

My dad bought a caboose.  Not everyone in the family understands how cool it is but Paul does.  We go up a couple of times a week to work on it.  We go up every Tuesday when I don't have work or school.  It sits on our property by the river.

Here's the caboose:

It's way cool and we go up and work on it quite a bit, just me and Dad.  We almost always go up on Tuesday.  Here's what the inside looked like when he first got it:

It was a mess but we are really working hard on it.   I have torn out a lot of walls and boards.  My last work has been tearing up the linoleum.  It's really hard work because it is glued to wood in some places.  Dad and I have taken out walls, the sink, cots, chairs, and lots of stuff.   Here I am working on it.  

If it weren't for orange Mountain Dew I don't know if I could do it.