Sunday, March 25, 2012

Patrick was supposed to have state cross-county skiing games in Ogden Valley on Saturday but there was no snow so we played a bit over the weekend.   It was cloudy but over 60 degrees today. 
We went up Logan Canyon to look at the river.  This is by second dam and Patrick is on the bridge.

They got to play with nieces and nephews; this is Nora and Emi in pretty Easter colored dresses.

Patrick up on the bridge. What a handsome guy.

Dallin Paul near the river.  He didn't go to far from the car because he was playing Angry Birds on his dad's cell phone. He is pretty good at it.       

Wendy's always cooks a good meal. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

YARD WORK 3/2012
Today we helped Dad rake all the pine needles off of the front lawn. We have two big pine trees with long needles and we filled the whole truck with fallen needles and cones.  We had fun though.  We listened to music on the Bose/iPod and played with Dodger.  After it was all unloaded we went to Wendy's.  We were going to go swimming but it was such a nice day outside we just kept working. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Making good strides

Get ready, get set, GO

Always time to visit

Me and Dad

Me and Mom

Gold 3K, Gold 500M, Silver 1K
Patrick had a great day of X-country skiing at the regional meet up near Beaver Mountain.  He received two gold and one silver medals.  Good job.