Sunday, October 4, 2009

SATURDAY BUSINESS by Patrick and Dallin Paul's dad

From the time all my children were small I have had the tradition of taking them on "Saturday Business" which means that we load up in some vehicle (for some reason I like to take an old Ford pickup of which I have had many) and we go to "town" for treats. When we lived in Idaho the nearest store was about 8 or 9 miles away and it was a c-store called Will-O-Way. It has since been torn down.

You can guess this could be a pretty expensive venture because I am spineless when it comes to saying "no". Now most of the kids are off on their own but Patrick, Dallin Paul, sometimes their Mom and I still go on "Saturday Business" except we do it several times a week. Fortunately my grand children have offered me a chance to carry on the tradition.

When we first moved to Logan over 9 years ago we had a hard time finding a good c-store but we finally found it. It is called "Mooches" on Main and Fourth North. Some might say that all c-stores are alike but that is not true. We love Mooches. The primary reason is that they really treat us well and make a fuss over Patrick and Dallin Paul. If I go in alone they ask where the "boys" are. At times I have taken several grand children in with Patrick and Dallin Paul.

Here are a couple of pictures. First is Patrick and Paul with Mooch or as they call him "Mr. Mooch". If he is there he always stops and asks for hugs which they love to give. Dallin Paul usually won't hug people unless he really likes them; Mooch is on the top of his list and it's just not because of the treats. The second pic is with several of the family; that day we had two car loads of kids, in-laws and grand children. Thanks Mooches.