Saturday, November 9, 2013


We were born and raised in Riverdale, Idaho.  Here are some pictures of there.

This is the home we all grew up in. We now live in Logan, UT

 We still have a small piece of property up there on the river.
We call it Walden.

 This is part of it, you can see the shelter

 Our Dad grows the best melons there

 Dad also has an orchard, berry patch and garden 

 This is just before you get to our place

 We have planted some pretty wild flowers up there as well
 This is a picture my dad took of sunset

There is an old metal and wood bridge there. This is taken from the bridge and our property is on the right.

Our friend and neighbor Rusty Smith took this great picture near our place

 This place in the orchard is very special to Dallin Paul because his two favorites dogs are buried there.  He takes good care of their graves. One of them was named Dodger and he slept with Paul.

Now we have the caboose at Walden and we are fixing it up

The only rule there


Tonight my dad and I made some dang good Penuche.
 It took a long time to make

But it was so good