Tuesday, December 23, 2008


May you all be this happy during the holidays and throughout the year....

Friday, December 12, 2008


Today Dallin Paul had to have a tooth removed and some caps put on his teeth. In order to do this they had to put him out for a bit at the hospital. His Mom got up early with him and took him to the hospital. The hard part was getting the IV in him. He fought it for a long time and it took seven people to hold him down and get it in. Once they got him out though everything went well. The first pic is of him getting wheeled out of the hospital and the second is of him in the recovery room. We are glad it all turned out. His Dad was there when he woke up and his sister Cathrine spent a lot of time with him and took him to Wal Mart and to eat after. He has the best brothers and sisters...


Here is Patrick being a beautiful princess at the North Logan Pumkin Walk... Isn't he beautiful?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Dallin seldom looks directly at the camera but he cooperated on Thanksgiving day. This was at dinner with some of his family...

We drove up the the Festival of the Lights at Preston, Idaho. The best light show was the beautiful sunset we caught while driving past where Patrick and Paul's Mom grew up in Fairview, Idaho

Patrick and Dallin Paul had to ham it up under one of the light displays. These pics were taken with a phone cam so they are not the best...

We drove out to the Hollingsworth farm to see their beautiful display. There house is in the center of this and it covered several acres. This is the last year they are going to do it so a big thank you to the Hollingsworths..

Dallin Paul went to church on Sunday. In the LDS Church you are expected to dress up but we are just glad to get Dallin there. This is him and his nephew Owen out in the foyer; they are the best of friends and shared this moment together. Of course after one hour of church Dallin had to go to Wendy's for his reward. His brother Patrick and his Dad joined him; a good time was had by all.