Sunday, September 21, 2014


So I keep doing Special Olympics and winning metal after metal.  This is cross country skiing.  I do track, bocci, bicycling, and other sports. 

Do you think I could make it on the cover of ski magazine? Yea, met too. 
My Mom made like 200 pounds of chocolates this year.  They are my favorite.  

My Dad is into trains and I went to Ogden with him to see this old and very huge train engine. He was more excited than me about it but we had fun.
Look how tall the wheels were.  The train was at least three engines long.

I am not really into the caboose as much as Paul but I have spent some time up there. 

This is my niece Ava and her brother Isaac.  I think they might be in trouble. 

My Dad took me to one of my favorite places, Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT.  The first picture is called the Christus and the grounds are beautiful. We had lunch with my brother Christopher who works near Temple Square. 

My beautiful sister Cathrine spoils me and Paul. She takes us on dates and buys us things.  She is so fun and good to us. She ran the Boston Marathon again and other marathons, the Ragnar and other races.  

Our Mom is the best.  She is lots of fun and takes great care of us.  Whew, she has lots of energy. 

Paul and I were the stars of the Phillips family talent show. This is our granny dance. 

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